New records for Ramos and Messi – but a bit different for each one


In some of our previous articles, we’ve talked about some praise-worthy records. For example, we’ve mentioned Messi’s unbelievable goal-scoring statistics or Ronaldo’s incredible goals/appearances ratio. However, there are also other, less wanted records. No, we don’t refer here to crazy Guinness records. We refer to Sergio Ramos’ tendency to get sent off the pitch, usually for some trivial unnecessary offenses. And this doesn’t come as a surprise as Ramos has a very nasty temperament and reacts hastily to most provocations.

To make things even worse, in the match he set his notorious record, his club lost 1:2 to Girona. This defeat meant that Real Madrid lags behind once again, even though it looked as if they were going to catch up with the top of the table. In this match, Ramos first received a yellow card for a handball, after which he fouled Pedro Alcala, and got his second yellow card of the match. Simply fouling Pedro Alcala might have not been a problem, but he apparently hit his face, which was enough of an excuse for the referee to give him a second yellow card.


On the other hand, Messi helped his team win another match, by scoring a penalty. This way, the Catalan side asserted itself at the top of La Liga table. This win came as a nice warm-up for the Champions League match against Lyon.

Lyon is by no means a weak side, having previously defeated Manchester City in the group stage. What’s more, recently Lyon surprised PSG, handing the Paris club a first league defeat since the start of the season.  Barca, therefore, has a worthy opponent ahead of them, their world-class attack will have to work hard in order to prove its supremacy.

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