Napoli vs Juventus Preview

Juventus versus Napoli is a match many looked forward too for a long time. Some see it as a staple as to who is truly the best team, others see it as just another derby who is end result won’t ultimately matter.

Both these points are valid as the title race is probably over but there is prestige involved in a match between them especially on the San Paolo.

It’s an interesting matchup as Napoli are playing better and better as the season goes one but there are still matches where they don’t play as expected highlighted with two draws against teams they should have beaten. That type of form is the reason why many consider the title race over.

Up until a few years ago, Napoli usually had the upper hand on their home ground against Juventus but lately, Juventus have found a way to leave the San Paolo as victors.

They will try to do to the same on Sunday but it will be hard. They have been playing worse and worse highlighted by the deserved but not less shocking defeat against Atletico Madrid.

After that match, they barely beat Bologna at their ground. If they present a similar display on the San Paolo they will probably be defeated. In fact, such a result wouldn’t be a surprised because Napoli will probably be more determined to win that match while Juve might go just for the draw.

Their main focus is on the match with Atletico, so a reserved approach to this match might see them beaten. Bookies prefer Napoli in this one and I agree, a victory in this match is more important to them than to Juventus because it will be sort of a consolation prize after losing the league to their fierce rivals.

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