Monchengladbach v Bayern Munich Preview

That has been a valid question for a long time especially for fans of a club whose name they share. Many Dortmund fans wondered if the 3rd best team in Germany this year could challenge Bayern in an attempt to aid Dortmund in their title race. The short answer is no because they are simply not good enough. 

Can Borussia Monchengladbach do anything against Bayern?

Lately, they are playing very bad. The last two matches they played at home they lost both times by the exact same result 0-3. Their opponents: Wolfsburg and Hertha which are decent teams but nowhere near the quality that Bayern posses. Bayern despite having a lot of issues with injuries are actually playing better and better. They managed to leave Anfield without losing which is remarkable and in the Bundesliga they beat all but Leverkusen in the lat month.

The bookies see Bayern as the clear favourite and with reason: they are the better team and currently in much better form. With that said there are some caveats. Fans should not expect any scoring eruption from Bayern because they are simply to thin up front at the moment. The players that are healthy are not in a good form while their wing attack is severely depleted after many injuries.

There is hope for Monchengladbach though. If they tighten up their play in the defence they can expect something positive out of this match. Before losing two matches at home they won twelve straight so there is something to build optimism on. I’m not a firm believer in that outcome and I give them little chance but hey, in football you never know. They have beaten them 6 times in the last 15 matches. Not many teams have a better head to head.

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