Milan vs Lazio Preview

The battle for the 4th place and a place in Champions League is shaping up to be the best we have seen in many years. One just has to look at the situation these two teams are in this moment when they face each other. Milan currently occupies the 4th spot with 52 pts but Lazio who occupies the 7th spot has 49 points which mean they are still in it. 

Milan is entering this contest after a disappointing loss against a Juventus team that wasn’t particularly impressive in that win over Milan. They were missing some key players and their overall play was below average in the 1st half. After that 1st half, Milan was leading but an unexplainable drop in play quality in the second half saw them losing this match in pretty disappointing fashion to a rival which wasn’t playing great football. 

Lazio, on the other hand, enters this game in bad fashion as well. Last time they played them they drew against a very bad Sassoulo team which only builds in their bad form as before that they lost against SPAL. Considering those bad results it’s quite remarkable that they are still in the race but that just speaks volumes as to how complicated this race really is. 

When it comes to the match itself it’s hard to argue that Milan should not be the favourites especially since they are playing on their own home ground. They have shown promising moments in that match against Juventus and if they replicate the 1st half from that match they should have no problems against a Lazio squad who technically is still in it, but their play shows that they are far from ready and like I said Milan is the favourite and as such should win this one comfortably.  

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