• 2011/12 Big Club Index - now availableThe Big Club rankings for the 2011/12 season are now out - find how big your club is and how they compare to your rivals!
  • Big Club Index for the 2010sRankings and data now available for the 2010s so far - who is the biggest club so far and how is your team doing?
  • 2010/11 Big Club Index2010/11 season Big Club Index archived - see how your club's ranking compared to last season
  • Big Club Results - coming soonBig Club Results coming soon - a different take on each week's results!
  • Currently trending on TwitterUse or follow hashtag #bigclubornot to find out what's currently trending on Twitter about your club!
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How big is your club?

So you think you support a big club? Are they big now, or a bit of sleeping giant? Time to find out for sure by checking the Big Club Index!


Compare your club with your rivals!

So is your club is bigger than your closest and fiercest rivals? It's time to settle all of the arguments!


Share your club's photos and history on Facebook!

Bring your club to life on this site by submitting your photos of your team in action through the years.

Your club through time - sleeping giant or modern big club? -

Check out whether you support a giant of the past or whether now are the glory years for your club.

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