Whether you support Liverpool or Everton, Manchester United or Manchester, Port Vale or Stoke, Tottneham or Arsenal, Portsmouth or Southampton, or Torquay or Plymouth, we'll all have the same argument with our mates and rival fans - who supports the bigger club? Now you can end the arguments once and for all!

Are you a big club or not looks at the league and cup records of all clubs that have ever been members of the Football League and provides them with their Big Club Score and Big Club Ranking to determine whether your club really is bigger than your rivals!


Clubs are given are score for their league position for every season that they've competed in the league, i.e. the top four divisions of English football, regardless of what they've been called through the years. So, finishing top of the Premier League will score you quite a few more points than 24th in League Two!

Points are also earned for clubs winning different honours, i.e. being League Champions, winning the FA or League Cup, or European honours. And, for the really successful clubs who achieve League and Cup doubles or trebles of some sort, additional bonus points are also on offer. When this is all added together each club has its Big Club Score and its Big Club Ranking compared to all other league clubs - and then you can really see which club is bigger than another!

Remember, winning trophies is important in being a Big Club, but consistency of league performance and the league your club has been in, also counts for a lot too!


The following are included in making up your club's score (NB - some minor tournaments or trophies are excluded and will not appear on your club's record, e.g. Charity Shield, World Club Championship, Anglo-Scottish cup, regional cup tournaments).

* League Champions (top division)
* FA Cup
* League Cup
* Minor cups (Football League Trophy (or Football League Associate Members Cup), Full Members Trophy, Anglo-Italian Cup, Intertoto Cup)
* European Cup/Champions League
* UEFA Cup/Inter-Cities Fairs Cup
* European Cup Winners Cup
* European Super Cup

Remember though, this site is for entertainment purposes only, and everyone will have a view on what tournaments should and shouldn't be included, and how many points you get for winning each one. Feel free to disagree with the formula for how your club's score and ranking are calculated, but that's how Are you a big club or not? works.

Now, enjoy, and go and argue with your mates over who supports the biggest club!

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