Higuain will not join Chelsea

Gonzalo Higuain is flying to London to sign a contract with Chelsea Football Club was the headline that graced many readers screens this morning. As he was, some would say, shamefully banished from Juventus this summer he worked hard and entered this season in the best shape he was in these past few years. Despite that, he only managed to tally 6 goals in 15 appearances for Milan this season. Was it his fault? Probably not as Milan struggled to create chances stemming from their poor build-up play. In Chelsea, he will be reunited with a manager under whom he had his best year yet. He was deadly in that campaign when he set a Serie A record with 36 goals. 

Chelsea has desperately needed a type of striker that Gonzalo was his entire career. When he scored 36 goals he had the team catered towards his needs. Great wing players fed him the ball constantly and he kept scoring. A similar team composition awaits him at Chelsea where he will have deadly wingers to feed him the ball, same as he did in Napoli. Alvaro Morata was never suited for the Premier League and that became evident quickly. He was even less suited for a Sarri system as he isn’t’ a clinical forward as Gonzalo is. 

Everything we know about Sarri and Gonzalo bodes well for a happy reunion in London. Both the players and manager will be happy to have each other as they proved a deadly combination before. Despite him being 31 he still has at least two years of good football left as he is set to improve Chelsea’s lacklustre goal tally of 40 goals this season which ranks only 8th in the league this season.

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